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What Buyer Clients Say about Jane Becker

Kiran Mdanahally

Kathy and Lance Nazer

Kathy and I were very frustrated with the home buying process from 1998 to 2000. We always felt the pressure to buy even though the the house was not what we really wanted. We did a lot of research to find out how to buy a house without the pressure and the feeling of being taken advantage of.  We found out information about buyer brokers, and decided to take a look into how they could help us find the home we wanted. That was when we met Jane Becker (winter of 2001). Jane insisted on meeting us to figure out what type of home we wanted, where we wanted to live and what we could afford. Kathy and I learned a great deal about the buying process and how we now were part of a team that would work solely on making our house hunting and buying as easy as possible. We found our first home with ease and with Jane's experience we were able to use our strong purchasing position to negotiate and save us thousands of dollars, even though the sellers had another offer on the table for their asking price. Times change for everyone and two years later My wife and I need to move closer to our jobs because we are starting to build a family.We never thought of speaking with anyone but Jane Becker when we wanted to start looking again. We found the home of our dreams and within six weeks of seeing the house, we sold our old home and moved into the house we have only dreamed about. The most stressful part of the buying and selling process was moving out of our old house and into the new. The team that we put together this time stepped up to the plate and delivered a home run. Before people ask. I tell them that if they want to buy a home they are crazy to not use an exclusive buyer broker, and even crazier if it is not Jane Becker.

Victor and Tara Ruiz

When we bought our home Six years ago with Jane, we were thrilled with her service.  This year we wanted to go through the process again and the first person we called was our buyer agent, Jane Becker.  To say that she did a fantastic job again would be a serious understatement.  Not only did we get the house at an incredible buy, but we also closed in less than a month.
But the high light of our experience was that she was hugely instrumental in us selling our house which is not even a service that she offers. 

We felt that Jane treated us like family or a very dear friend, she truly cared about what happens to us and made sure that our interests were protected!

Scott and Dawn Marie Solod

"We were so pleased with Jane's services the first time, that when we decided to purchase a larger home for our growing family, there was no question in our mind that Jane is the right person for the job.  Once again, she surpassed our expectations and the process of buying our home went smoothly and effortlessly."

Lisa Cummings and Mathew Blanchard

"Using Jane Becker as our buyer agent proved to be quite beneficial when we ran into some difficulty negotiating with the seller. Since Jane's interest was solely with my fiance Matt and I, the buyers, there was no conflict. Jane was able to do all she could to get us a fair negotiation without compromising her interest with a seller. Particularly important was when, due to scheduling conflicts, our lawyer was unable to represent us less than a week before closing.

Worcester County Real EstateJane worked hard and set us up with a new lawyer - who had no problems continuing with our closing date. I would recommend Jane, and a buyer agency, to anyone looking for a new home to protect their interests."

Sarah Brettcshneider and Ed Wong

"Jane was extremely responsive to our requests for information, and was very effective in scheduling timely showings. This is so important in a hot market. We were also very pleased with her ability to negotiate on our behalf. We found a property we love, faster and at a better value with her help. We definitely recommend her."

Richard Powers

"There’s a lot of difficult decisions when purchasing your house. Get an experienced professional on your team. I am glad I called Jane Becker. She helped us through the process, making difficult decisions easy, by laying out all the options in front of us to make them easier for us to evaluate and make the right choices."

Teresa and Paul McIntyre

"We had five days in the dead of winter to find a home. Jane did not waste our time on homes and areas that did not serve our needs and requirements.


Worcester County Real EstateShe shared her knowledge regarding the home’s condition, surrounding area, and even it’s negative features so that we could make an informed decision. She was professional, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. We were very pleased with the service and attention we received."

Romolo and Amy Gasparo

As first time home buyers we were unsure of what to do. Our broker was amazingly organized and efficient. We had only three days to find a home and her knowledge, experience and dedication made the entire process, from searching to closing, easy. Her honesty and integrity was invaluable in the decision making process.
-- Rutland, MA

Mathew and Claire naughton

"It was a long process in finding our house, but Jane made it easier for us especially, in explaining the entire thing (from start to finish).  As first time buyers, it gave us peace of mind."

Mark and Nancy O'Clair

We were feeling pressured when we both found jobs in the Worcester area and needed to purchase a home as soon as possible.  Jane helped our house search go smoothly and we were able to buy our home in Rutland and be moved in a month and a half later! Thank you Jane!

Francisca and Frederick May

Jane made a first time Home Buying adventure feel like a walk in a park on a warm summer day for us.  She stood and protected our interest right from the unset.  Thanks, Jane for your exceptional work and dedication.  You're a true professional.


Home Team AdvantEdge provided excellent services during our home

buying experience.  They referred Professionals who were very

knowledgeable and of the highest quality.

Brooke Belcher

Jane was a great advocate for me in the home buying process.  She worked hard to ensure all went well.  Jane, thanks so much for all your help.  I'm loving my new place!

Debbie and David Evans

From start to finish, we felt we were in good hands.  Jane explained everything every step of the way.  She attended every appointment and was very informative.  She knows what she is doing and gets it done.  She made buying a house as easy as it could be.  I would use her again should the opportunity arise and wholeheartedly recommend her.  Jane always kept our interests first, even at the expense of her own.  Fantastic!  We found jane to be extremely diligent, honest and forthright.  I am very glad that we retained her services. 

Kristen and William Geleckas

Over the past 7 years, Jane has represented me during the purchase of two homes and the sale of another.  Jane's professional demeanor, knowledge, and experience have been invaluable and she was always fucused on protecting my interest.  Afer having dealt with several other real estate agents during these transaactions, I realize and appreciate the great choice I made by choosing Jane as my agent.

Seth Campbell

What top agents say about Jane Becker

Mrs. and Mr. Shannon

For Sale by Owner Testimonial


We marketed our home “For Sale by Owner” for over a year.    We had open houses and countless showings.   Many showings were to clients who had houses to sell.  Some were just curious and had nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon.  We even received “Offers” at below bargain basement prices.  The attitude from buyers, who look at homes of “For Sale by Owner”, is that you’re desperate and will take anything.  Just after Thanksgiving, we hired Jane to list our home.  She is enthusiastic, straightforward and had a plan.   We had consistent showings with prequalified buyers and access to feedback from all showings.  Working together based on the feedback, we made changes to staging of the home to show it at its best. When we received our Offer, Jane’s expertise in negotiation and calm presentation of the facts made it possible to come to an agreement.   The fact that she worked only for us, as the seller, made us confident our best interests were protected. I would recommend Jane Becker to friends and family without reservation.    I am a very satisfied client.

Ben Champagne and Jennie Powers